Studio Equipment

All equipment is kept in our secure store so let us know anything you specifically require for your shoot when you arrive and we’ll prepare and familiarise you with it before we leave you alone to get on with being creative.

Our Multiblitz flash heads are included in the hire price.

If you need more advanced lighting we have a comprehensive range of powerful, high speed lighting instruments from the Swiss manufacture Broncolor powered by two of their incredible Scoro S 3200 packs. Our Broncolor lighting is available for an additional hire fee which will always be less than ProCentre hire prices. Please enquire for the latest price list.

We haven’t listed everything, so if you can’t see what you need below, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We might just have it.

1 x   Multiblitz X10 – high speed digital heads with stands (1000 w/s output)

2 x   Multiblitz X5 – high speed digital heads with stands (500 w/s output)

1 x   Multiblitz X-Lite – high speed digital heads with stands (500 w/s output)

1 x   70cm Octabox with optional grid

1 x   120cm Glambox (a wide octagonal soft light)

2 x   140cm x 30cm strip boxes with optional grids

2 x   16.5cm standard reflectors

1 x   40cm Beauty Dish with optional honeycomb

2 x   Umbrella spill-kill reflectors with a selection on silver/white/gold and through brollies

1 x   34cm open dish with barn doors

1 x   Snoot with optional honeycomb

2 x   Broncolor Scoro 3200s generator packs

6 x   Broncolor Pulso flash heads (2 x 3200J & 4 x 1600J)

1 x   Broncolor Hazylight 2

1 x   Broncolor Pulsospot 4

1 x   Broncolor Mobilite + grids

1 x   Broncolor Softlight Beauty Dish + grid + diffuser

1 x   Broncolor softbox 120cm x 180cm

2 x   Broncolor softbox 30cm x 150cm

2 x   Broncolor softbox 80cm x 80cm

1 x   Broncolor softbox 25cm x 50cm

1 x   Broncolor softbox 30cm x 110cm

1 x   Octa softbox 70cm + grid

1 x   Octa softbox 120cm

1 x   Octa softbox 150cm

4 x   Broncolor P70 standard reflectors

1 x   Broncolor snoot

2 x   Broncolor umbrella spill reflectors + numerous umbrellas

2 x   Aputure LS1 LED panels

1 x   Aputure LS1 1/2 LED panel

1 x   Aputure C300D II COB LED

2 x   Aputure 60D focussing LED

3 x   Dedolight DLH4 150w

2 x   1000w ARRI fresnel

2 x   500w Strand Minim

8 x   800w Quartzcolor Red Head

9 x   Manfrotto Auto-Poles

9 x   Manfrotto Magic Arms

28 x   Manfrotto Super-Clamps + wide selection of couplings etc.

2 x   Manfrotto miniboom arms

1 x   Manfrotto heavy duty boom and stand

3 x   Retort stands and clamps

2 x   36″ x 36″ Doughty Frames with LeeLux Diffuser

1 x   Matthews 24″ x 36″ Flag

1 x   Matthews 18″ x 48″ Flag

3 x   Matthews 18″ x 24″ Scrims

6 x   Avenger/Arri C-stands

6 x   Avenger Grip Heads

6 x   Avenger Grip Arms

1 x   Wind machine

1 x   Foba 9ft studio stand with Manfrotto 405 precision head

1 x   Manfrotto still life table

1 x   Clothes rail

… and a wide selection of diffusion panels, coloured lighting gels, 9ft background rolls, blocks, reflectors, etc.